Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I only have 2 more weeks left! Time has gone by so fast. I wish I had pictures to put up right now but I only have a few minutes to write! So I'll be fast. The last two weeks I've been able to help out the nurses from the Ministry of Health. They visit each primary school in the area, grades 1-7, and they do wellness checks on every student. While they are doing the wellness checks I've been able to teach each class about personal hygiene and nutrition! Its so fun. The kids here are so amazing. They are so disciplined, but at the same time so fun and love to participate. I've been able to teach them the importance of hand washing and their nutrition, because diabetes is rampant here. So sad. And its preventable and controlable! So I hate when people let it go out of control. That's why I'm here! to help! ha anyway, its been so fun. I love getting to know the people and making a difference. The bugs here are definitely getting to know me. I think at any given time I have like20 bites on my body. Mostly my legs its horrible! Yesterday, some bug attacked me and I had like 10 bites on one leg and I must have had an allergic reaction or something, cause my leg is definitely swollen. Hope its not Dengue. (don't worry Mom, if my bones feel like they are breaking then we should worry). ha I love Fiji. Also, I just started liking the food. Too bad I'm leaving so soon. I'll try to put pictures up later! Also I started helping out in the Vielomani Boys Home, and I love the kids there. I found out Kera means Banana in Hindi and the boys thought that was hilarious. The kids love me there, its hard not to love me right? ha k I really have to go! Love you all. Au taleitaka Fiji.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Week 2

Cutest kids ever!
Bula! This week was a little more hands on, we were able to start some of our projects! I participated in an outreach clinic with the coolest Dr. I've ever met. He's from America and spends 9 months out of the year volunteering in Fiji. I don't think I've met a more relaxed and hilarious person before! But at the same time he's so brilliant and has so much to offer the people here. I was able to help out the nurses in a village called Matawalu. We did blood pressure tests and blood sugar level tests and measured height and weight. The people in the village pretty much have every ailment and just come to see the doctor when he comes to their village every 3 weeks. He has been attempting to manage their diabetes and hypertension and will diagnose and treat other smaller ailments, mainly infections. It is so interesting to see how this all works. Yesterday a few of our volunteers went to a school to help with their oral hygiene celebration. We ended up just painting faces all day! But it was so fun. This weekend we came to Nadi again to enjoy the beautiful beaches! Here are a few pictures! Enjoy!
Part of the group at the Sheraton!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Au lomani iko.

Bula! Sa va cava tiko?! Fiji is amazing and beautiful. I cannot believe how wonderful the people are! This is such an amazing experience. A little hard at times, but so worth it. First off, this is a long wordy entry but its great so keep reading! My group is great, diverse and everyone has something unique to offer Fiji. Americans stand out so much here! Everywhere we go we attract so much attention. I kind of love it. Fijians are so friendly, you never pass anyone without saying bula (hi), in America that would never happen. If you just walk around saying hi to people you look extremely odd. Here, if you don’t say bula you are being rude, but that also may be because we are obviously visitors. It is great learning the culture and so interesting. Everyday we are out in the town conversing with the local people and learning the culture. I have so much to learn! The population where I am is half Indo-Fijian and half Fijian, and the cultures are so different. So half the time I’m saying hi and the other half I’m saying bula, not hard, but the people are really different. There are a lot of social cues you need to pick up on and learn to differentiate between the cultures. ANYWAY, I clearly have a lot to learn, but its so fun learning it!
We’ve only been here a week so we haven’t had the opportunity to actually do any projects, but we have made so many great contacts. Currently we are evaluating last year’s projects to see if they were a success or not, and we have made a lot of progress. We have set up so many promising projects and I can’t wait to actually start! I won’t go into all the details because that may bore some of you, but I’m really excited to participate and lead some of the health initiatives and medical outreaches that will be taking place! I’ve only been here a week and already I feel as if I’m learning so much. The days fly by here. The showers are freezing cold, so I’m trying to get used to it, but its so hot and humid in the day that you have to shower every night. So exciting right? Everyone uses public transportation here, its very rare to have a car. So we are pros at the bus schedules now. And these buses are so cool, no windows, but you don’t want windows because of the heat. I’ve been learning a lot of Fijian and if you speak two words to the locals they immediately love you. So here are a few words for you to practice at home: Bula [hello], sa va cava (thava) tiko [how are you doing], yadra (yandra) vinaka [good morning], au lomani iko [I love you] but you would say that not romantically :) like to a friend. Hope you got that! Last weekend we had off so we went to Nadi (nandi) and stayed at the Sheraton on the beach. so amazing, and exactly what you envision Fiji to be. You would think that the beaches would be everywhere but we are inland and you need to search for a good beach, and we found them. I put pictures on my facebook, so make sure to check there :) Love you all. I kind of miss America, but only kinda.
You need to love Indian food, which I don’t, but its growing on me! And I quickly learned that people eat to live, they don’t live to eat (like in America). Sooo people never eat out, and if they do, its like chinese food ha everywhere you go. No matter if it’s Mohammed’s or The Hillside Restaurant, it is stir fry, fried rice, beef and chicken. So ya I’ve had a lot of rice this week. And we found a brand new smoothie place today, its like an authentic Jamba Juice. It is definitely by far the best thing I've had since being here. ha
I love Fiji. Enough said. Thanks for reading :)

Moce (mothay) [bye!]

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Bula! (hello!) I had this whole blog post written and then I wasn't able to upload it at this internet cafe! I will next time, but I have one picture!! So you now can see a little bit of what I have been up to this past week. I really feel like its been wayy longer than 1 week but I'm loving it!
Everyone loves us in Fiji. They call us kaipaloge (kaipalangay), it means person from far away. but I think they just call the white people that haha everywhere we go everyone says bula! I cannot believe how friendly the people are here. It is so amazing.
Ok I may have to try again later to upload pictures because it is not working! sorry :/ check my facebook, maybe that one worked!