Friday, June 17, 2011

10 hour flight.

And I'm home! Oh America, how I've missed you so. I have missed those tall glasses of milk, my own car, the right side of the road, an actual road, and my cell phone. But more importantly I miss Fiji and the team back in Ba! Let me just start by apologizing to those who frequent this blog, only to find out its mostly words! my bad. Theinternet was very sketchy in Fiji so now I will do my best to summarize what I could not post. The last few weeks were so wonderful. I really feel like I was starting to get to know our team. Of course I had to go right. Also, I miss Maya and her Indian food! And I miss all the little children of Fiji...I can't get over how adorable they are. I have a great story that will make anyone laugh. So the last day in Fiji Rachel and I are trying to stock up on souv's, so we went to the Lautoka craft market. The second you walk in, "Take a look, I give you good price", and "That pretty, I give you discount". So every ten seconds we have tosay, "oh ok, thank you", or "we are just looking". Until we are about to walk out, and the last lady yells, "You want free children?" We had to think twice about what she just said. But thenresponded with, "Um yes!" The exact reason I came to the Lautoka market. I knew they had a sale on cute children. I was so not expecting that, especially since everyone was trying to get us to buy everything they sold. This lady had the best sense of humor. Thought that might make you laugh.
Anyway, more about the volunteer work. I loved the last few weeks. The Vielomani Boys home was so sad to see us leave. I loved it there. They have made so much progress in the short time we were there. And the last time I taught 'health talks' in the Lomo Lomo primary school the kids were so eager to pose around the pond they were o
bserving, for an adorable picture! I hope I was able to make a difference on someone, or something in the short time I was able to help out.
I loved every second of it, and I wouldn't change anything. I feel very selfish when I say that Fiji helped me out so much, in so many different ways. So as long as someone in Fiji valued my presence and contribution, then I feel it was so wor
th it. Thank you for everyone who helped me get there. I have been home 10 hours and I already miss it so much and the whole team. Moce feejee.

The last time with the amazing PRISM team! Love them all.

Cutest kids!

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